Chapter 1: Betrayal Encountered

Chapter 2: Ji Ya

Chapter 3: When Paths Cross

Chapter 4: Her Lips

Chapter 5: The Ex-Boyfriend's Current Girlfriend

Chapter 6: The Cost of Exchange

Chapter 7: The Solitude of Grief

Chapter 8: Chaotic

Chapter 9: Drunk and Sober

Chapter 10: Explanation about One Night Stand

Chapter 11: A Trip to the Hot Springs

Chapter 12: The Youth's Fury

Chapter 13: Who Is Responsible to Whom

Chapter 14: The Depth of Water, the Heat of Fire

Chapter 15: Male Model and Female Model

Chapter 16: Love Selling

Chapter 17: The Planned Birthday

Chapter 18: Out of Control

Chapter 19: Thriller

Chapter 20: I Just Want You

Chapter 21: Upstairs Downstairs

Chapter 22: From Family to Lover

Chapter 23: Exclusive Love

Chapter 24: Snow Moon Wind Flower

Chapter 25: Her Ex-Boyfriend

Chapter 26: The Wound at the Corner of Her Lips

Chapter 27: Proof of Existence

Chapter 28: The Coldness of Her Heart

Chapter 29: He got drunk

Chapter 30: Wound

Chapter 31: She Took the Initiative for the First Time

Chapter 32: Do You Really Love Him?

Chapter 33: City Banquet

Chapter 34: Hidden Secrets

Chapter 35: Just a Stand-in

Chapter 36: Never Break Up

Chapter 37: Half the Earth Away

Chapter 38: The Stillness in the Ravine

Chapter 39: The Son of the Mistress

Chapter 40: Forgiveness doesn't mean I still care

Chapter 41: You Suddenly Became Distant from Me

Chapter 42: The Arrogant Son of Heaven

Chapter 43: Dancing with You

Chapter 44: Hainan Hainan

Chapter 45: Gone with the Past

Chapter 46: Whose Who Are You

Chapter 47: Heartbroken Love

Chapter 48: Compromise or Competition

Chapter 49: I won't wait for you forever

Chapter 50: The Person of the Contract

Chapter 51: Edith

Chapter 52: Too Many Love Rivals

Chapter 53: Letting Go

Chapter 54: Emotional Movement

Chapter 55: Her Means

Chapter 56: Tokyo Surprise

Chapter 57: He Made Her Confused

Chapter 58: You Should Stop While You're Ahead

Chapter 59: The Truth

Chapter 60: The Love That Abandoned Her

Chapter 61: Never Say Goodbye