Chapter 1: The Final Farewell

Chapter 2: Toxic Sweet Soup

Chapter 3: One Time is Enough

Chapter 4: The Dream of Happiness

Chapter 5: Snow Startled

Chapter 6: Awakening from a Dream

Chapter 7: Snow Disappears

Chapter 8: Goodbye Xue'er

Chapter 9: Once Upon a Time

Chapter 10: Voiceless Weeping

Chapter 11: Without End

Chapter 12: The Sudden Baby

Chapter 13: Encountering at Work

Chapter 14: It's Her After All

Chapter 15: Handle Official Business

Chapter 16: Private Matters Handled at Work

Chapter 17: On the Spot

Chapter 18: Covering the kiss marks

Chapter 19: Provocation Encountered

Chapter 20: A Family of Three

Chapter 21: Unraveling the Green Silk

Chapter 22: Embracing Challenges

Chapter 23: Displaying Tenderness

Chapter 24: Intentional Difficulties

Chapter 25: A Light Smile of Happiness

Chapter 26: Reenactment of Old Tricks

Chapter 27: The Little Ghost Uncle

Chapter 28: Take Me Home

Chapter 29: Stingy Uncle

Chapter 30: The Bullying of the Little Demon

Chapter 31: I Will Miss You

Chapter 32: Go Home Early

Chapter 33: Learn to Be Brave

Chapter 34: Tit for Tat

Chapter 35: Deliberate Ambiguity

Chapter 36: Tired from Work

Chapter 37: Taking the Wrong Elevator

Chapter 38: Fell in Love with the Hidden

Chapter 39: Deeply in Love with You

Chapter 40: Qualifications for Love

Chapter 41: Out-of-Control Kisses

Chapter 42: The Moment of Happiness

Chapter 43: As Lowly as a Prostitute

Chapter 44: Are You Worried About Me?

Chapter 45: Who to Turn To

Chapter 46: Cool Breeze

Chapter 47: Sleeping with Closed Eyes

Chapter 48: Out of Control

Chapter 49: The Tang Family

Chapter 50: Perfect Work

Chapter 51: After the Meeting Dispersed

Chapter 52: Preference for Private Schools

Chapter 53: Looking Back on Yesterday

Chapter 54: Necklace Falling

Chapter 55: Seeking the Necklace

Chapter 56: Accidental Disguise

Chapter 57: Struggling in the Water

Chapter 58: Fishing for the Sick

Chapter 59: Visiting the Patient

Chapter 60: Visiting the Sick

Chapter 61: Visiting the Sick

Chapter 62: Reincarnation of the Little Ghost

Chapter 63: Mysterious Similarity

Chapter 64: Durex

Chapter 65: Falling in Love with Her

Chapter 66: Just in Time

Chapter 67: Strawberry Girl

Chapter 68: Premature Girl

Chapter 69: A Moment of Hesitation

Chapter 70: Give it to her

Chapter 71: The Only Ones Who Stay

Chapter 72: Snow's Return

Chapter 73: The Blur of Late Night

Chapter 74: I Don't Love You

Chapter 75: Unexpected Tenderness

Chapter 76: Fiancée

Chapter 77: My Wife

Chapter 78: Exit the Stage

Chapter 79: Family Gathering

Chapter 80: Married Women

Chapter 81: First Encounter of Four

Chapter 82: I Can Satisfy You

Chapter 83: Cheng I Want You

Chapter 84: Tangled Affections

Chapter 85: Let's Get Married

Chapter 86: To Marry or Not to Marry

Chapter 87: Marriage Registration

Chapter 88: Negative and Bathroom Storm

Chapter 89: Sleeping Together

Chapter 90: Baby, Don't Cry

Chapter 91: On the Eve of the Wedding

Chapter 92: Wedding Night

Chapter 93: The Wedding Night

Chapter 94: Lost Wedding Band

Chapter 95: The Return of the Wedding Ring

Chapter 96: The Runaway Bride

Chapter 97: Take Me Home

Chapter 98: Elevator Kiss

Chapter 99: The Tang of Vinegar

Chapter 100: The Mystery of Aphrodisiac

Chapter 101: I Love You

Chapter 102: I Want to Go Home

Chapter 103: Traveling Abroad

Chapter 104: Misty Entanglement

Chapter 105: Happiness Overflowed

Chapter 106: The Feminine

Chapter 107: Waking Up Tang Tang

Chapter 108: The Omen of Storms

Chapter 109: Xue Er

Chapter 110: The Determination of Cold

Chapter 111: Snow's Visit

Chapter 112: Blank Identity Information

Chapter 113: Mysterious Identity

Chapter 114: The Helplessness and Fondness of Cold

Chapter 115: I Love You Therefore

Chapter 116: Yu Chi Han deeply loves Jing Nai Nai

Chapter 117: Nana's Nonchalant Attitude

Chapter 118: Sign the Agreement

Chapter 119: Encounter with Nana again

Chapter 120: Meeting in the Elevator

Chapter 121: Perilous Situation

Chapter 122: Coercion

Chapter 123: Not Worrying About Me

Chapter 124: The Hidden Endurance After the Aphrodisiac

Chapter 125: Passionate Fire

Chapter 126: Burning Passion

Chapter 127: Marriage Proposal

Chapter 128: Loving You with My Life

Chapter 129: Two Years Later

Chapter 130: The First Kiss Two Years Later

Chapter 131: Daddy and Little Imp Stick Together

Chapter 132: The Two People at the Dining Table

Chapter 133: Husband and Wife

Chapter 134: A Unique Misunderstanding

Chapter 135: Kissing in the Rain

Chapter 136: A Woman's Deadly Weapon

Chapter 137: Stay Tonight

Chapter 138: Nana's Pranks

Chapter 139: The Final Chapter: The End