Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 2: Prologue

Chapter 3: Naughty Little Witch

Chapter 4: The Thoughts of Xi Lan

Chapter 5: Two Big Idiots

Chapter 6: The Hidden Warehouse

Chapter 7: Moving Rescue Troops

Chapter 8: The Torn Clothes

Chapter 9: Gods' Arrival

Chapter 10: Merciless Beatings

Chapter 11: Fainting without any grace

Chapter 12: A Bunch of Idiots

Chapter 13: Stay with Me Tonight

Chapter 14: Gasoline Used as Peanut Oil

Chapter 15: The Blanket Can Wrap Around the Fire

Chapter 16

Chapter 17: The Tense Confrontation

Chapter 18: What you gave is not what I wanted

Chapter 19: Peach Offering

Chapter 20: Amusement Park

Chapter 21: Amusement Park

Chapter 22: Amusement Park

Chapter 23: Amusement Park

Chapter 24: Amusement Park

Chapter 25: Being handsome is not a big deal.

Chapter 26: Saved a Scoundrel

Chapter 27: Scream if it hurts

Chapter 28: Wild Cat, House Cat

Chapter 29: Anxious Scattered Imperial Wind

Chapter 30: Say Goodbye to the Handsome Guy

Chapter 31: Las Vegas, Here I Come

Chapter 32: Caesar Palace Casino Hotel

Chapter 33: Could she be more embarrassing?

Chapter 34: Burn, Little Flame

Chapter 35: She's Just a Coward

Chapter 36: I Want You

Chapter 37: From Girl to Woman

Chapter 38: What Is He Talking About

Chapter 39: Has He Gone Mad

Chapter 40: The Sphinx

Chapter 41: Hello, Auntie

Chapter 42: Just Can't Stand Her

Chapter 43: Choose a gown

Chapter 44: Familiar Scent

Chapter 45: Put down a hundred bucks to get started

Chapter 46: Play Who's Afraid to Play

Chapter 47: Wipe My Nose for Me

Chapter 48: Long time no see, girl.

Chapter 49: The Messenger of the King Yanwang

Chapter 50: The Exploded Saga of Sa Yufeng

Chapter 51: The Feeling in My Heart

Chapter 52: It's Okay for the Officials to Set Fires but Not for the Common People to Light Lanterns

Chapter 53: Absent-minded

Chapter 54: Today is Her Birthday

Chapter 55: Surprised and Sorrowful

Chapter 56: Mother Zhang's Worries

Chapter 57: Is She Ill?

Chapter 58: Tracing Love Story

Chapter 59: He Actually Hit Her

Chapter 60: Why did it turn out like this

Chapter 61: Heartless Care

Chapter 62: Mysterious Beauty

Chapter 63: Shocking Call

Chapter 64: Emotions Riding the Wind