Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Cast List

Chapter 3: I Am Not a Criminal

Chapter 4: Gentle Brother Jun

Chapter 5: The Cute Prince

Chapter 6: The Woman of His Identity

Chapter 7: Tyrannical Kiss Marks

Chapter 8: The Old Ox and the Tender Grass

Chapter 9: Mi Jiao Yi Shua

Chapter 10: He Belongs to Demon Race, Case Closed

Chapter 11: Future Princess Consort

Chapter 12: Full House of Gold Brilliance

Chapter 13: The Chilling Sound

Chapter 14: Humble Yourself for Your Honor

Chapter 15: I despise you, you little brat

Chapter 16: Definition of tantrum

Chapter 17: Surely Not Humans

Chapter 18: The beauty is very enchanting and charming.

Chapter 19: The Prince's Past

Chapter 20: A Perfect Match for Husband and Wife

Chapter 21: Just bystander

Chapter 22: Satisfy Your Woman

Chapter 23: A Smile Captivates Both Men and Women

Chapter 24: Release That Woman

Chapter 25: Lose face all the way to grandma's house

Chapter 26: I Am A Rascal, Who Do I Fear

Chapter 27: The Game of War

Chapter 28: I have a criminal record. I am involved in the underworld. I am a bad person.

Chapter 29: Evil Baby

Chapter 30: Jokes, absolutely jokes

Chapter 31: Provocation

Chapter 32: Top-tier Umbra

Chapter 33: Bending and Shining

Chapter 34: Rice Shining Solo Dance

Chapter 35: Gone Down the Path of Sorrow

Chapter 36: Scary Child

Chapter 37: Yi Chen Mi

Chapter 38: The Legendary President Wenya

Chapter 39: Satan's Jealousy is Terrifying

Chapter 40: A Family Growing Different Characters

Chapter 41: What is a ghost

Chapter 42: Pure Filial Piety

Chapter 43: The Way of a Wife

Chapter 44: Only Allowed to Be My Woman

Chapter 45: Singing Opera

Chapter 46: Passport

Chapter 47: Sour and Astringent

Chapter 48: Black is really dark

Chapter 49: Beating

Chapter 50: Tender Feelings

Chapter 51: Can I Lean on Your Shoulder

Chapter 52: The Request

Chapter 53: Go with the Flow

Chapter 54: An Eye for an Eye

Chapter 55: The Whole Mistake

Chapter 56: Modern Torture: Ashes of Hardcore Masochism

Chapter 57: Modern Torture: Ashes of the Bone, Extreme Deviation Expert

Chapter 58: Modern Torture: Ashes of Extreme Sadism

Chapter 59: Modern Torture: Ashes of the Extreme Pervert

Chapter 60: Never-ending Ending

Chapter 61: The Love-Deficient Child

Chapter 62: Position Butler

Chapter 63: The Feeling of Heartbeat

Chapter 64: Is it First Love?

Chapter 65: His Birthday

Chapter 66: Birds of a feather flock together

Chapter 67: Little Girl

Chapter 1

Chapter 68: Two Families

Chapter 69: The Older, the Spicier

Chapter 70: We Are Father and Son

Chapter 71: Poisoned

Chapter 72: Her Rights, My Consent

Chapter 73: Rice Field

Chapter 74: The Brave Rice Family of Three Men

Chapter 75: Old Friends

Chapter 76: Wrong, really wrong

Chapter 77: Forbidden Siblings

Chapter 78: Thoroughly Lost

Chapter 79: Birthday Party

Chapter 80: Birthday Party

Chapter 81: The Gift

Chapter 82: Shockwave

Chapter 83: Woman's Grace

Chapter 84: Different Opinions or Various Opinions

Chapter 85: The Intense Interaction between Military and Political Powers

Chapter 86: Black Face and White Face

Chapter 87: Cold Tenderness

Chapter 88: The So-called Palace Intrigues

Chapter 89: Embarrassment

Chapter 90: Cutting the Ribbon

Chapter 91: Father and Son's Companionship

Chapter 92: The Halo of Men

Chapter 93: Character Switching

Chapter 94: The Enigmatic Child

Chapter 95: Lunch of Love

Chapter 96: Black-faced Milkannda

Chapter 97: Understanding

Chapter 98: A Good Word

Chapter 99: Deformed Numbers

Chapter 100: Carving Love

Chapter 101: Wager

Chapter 102: Take What You Want

Chapter 103: The Decadent Prince

Chapter 104: Queen's Appearance

Chapter 105: Eerie Silence

Chapter 106: The Sky Is Changing

Chapter 107: A Group of Foxes

Chapter 108: I Am Just a Commoner with Novice Characteristics

Chapter 109: A Family of Excellence

Chapter 110: Care About Messy Combination, Very Abnormal

Chapter 111: Wanting Her

Chapter 112: Interests and Responsibilities

Chapter 113: Formidable Beauty Non-epidemic

Chapter 114: Versatile Genius

Chapter 115: The Big Sister of the Underworld

Chapter 116: Warning

Chapter 117: The Fear of the Dark Room

Chapter 118: Confused

Chapter 119: Believe in Miracles

Chapter 120: Strange Festival, Strange Festival

Chapter 121: Goddess of Revenge

Chapter 122: Accident

Chapter 123: Unable to Forgive

Chapter 124: Strangers Like Us

Chapter 125: Awkward Pair

Chapter 126: Mi Can Left

Chapter 127: The Heart Seemed to Be Missing a Piece

Chapter 128: Meeting Again Means Parting Again

Chapter 129: Gone Crazy

Chapter 130: The Delusion of Victimization

Chapter 131: Chaotic Days

Chapter 132: The Alliance

Chapter 133: Choice

Chapter 134: Yehenayao

Chapter 135: Petite Pet

Chapter 136: Rice Fan Rebellion

Chapter 137: I'm sorry, I can't go with you.

Chapter 138: The World of Fantasy

Chapter 139: Passing By

Chapter 140: Disorder

Chapter 141: The Return of the King

Chapter 142: The Joy of Reunion

Chapter 143: Ambiguous and Hot

Chapter 144: Some Happy, Some Sad

Chapter 145: The Coronation Ceremony

Chapter 146: Reunion Night

Chapter 147: Duty to the Fullest

Chapter 148: The Top-notch Robot and Tang Seng

Chapter 149: Bumpy Girl

Chapter 150: Bumpy Girl

Chapter 151: Everything Has Turned Strange

Chapter 152: Sourness and Astringency

Chapter 153: Painful Letting Go

Chapter 154: Tears of Flowers

Chapter 155: The Persistent Heart in the Drizzling Rain

Chapter 156: Vacation

Chapter 157: Traces

Chapter 158: Lagou Agreed Happiness Red Packet Bonus Chapter

Chapter 159: The Life Clock: Ten Days of Red Packets Plus Two Extra Chapters

Chapter 160: Life Clock: Nine Days of Red Packets, Three Additional Chapters

Chapter 161: Eight Days of Life Clock

Chapter 162: The Situation Deteriorates

Chapter 163: It's Mercy

Chapter 164: Puppet Doll

Chapter 165: Laugh and Be Ten Years Younger

Chapter 166: Puzzle of Mystery

Chapter 167: The New Year is approaching fast

Chapter 168: New Year's Eve

Chapter 169: The Gift

Chapter 170: What's Going On

Chapter 171: True and False

Chapter 172: Hope for Tomorrow

Chapter 173: Who is the Last Wolf

Chapter 174: Thus Spoke the Master

Chapter 175: What the Hell Game is This

Chapter 176: To Perish Together

Chapter 177: Shocking the World

Chapter 178: The Elder's Birthday

Chapter 179: All Here

Chapter 180: The Grand Finale of the Wedding