Chapter 1: The First Challenge of Time Travel

Chapter 2: A Kind of Disguise Not Suitable for Flower Street Strolling

Chapter 3: Not Everyone Selling Art is a Cheat in the Martial World

Chapter 4: Donkey Eggs Well Done

Chapter 5: There is a secret manual called "Goodbye to the Soft Girl"

Chapter 6: This Creature Is Not Human

Chapter 7: Ancient Era Biochemical Weapon

Chapter 8: Toilet Paper Request

Chapter 9: The Hero Stinks a Lot

Chapter 10: Who wants to take a bath with the sect leader?

Chapter 11: No one can just casually act as someone else's father.

Chapter 12: The Sect Leader has always been cheating and never surpassed.

Chapter 13: Sign the Contract in Quibetown, Young Man

Chapter 14: Would You Like a Handsome Guy to Give it a Try?

Chapter 15: The Foxy Mistress Who Loves to Steal Men, You Can't Afford to Offend Her

Chapter 16: Donkey Egg, You Are Mischievous Again

Chapter 17: This Guy Ain't Manly

Chapter 18: This Monster is Extremely Formidable

Chapter 19: Soft Girl is Like Clouds in the Sky

Chapter 20: Eating Soup Dumplings While Others Fight Over Them, Closing the Door to Keep Out the Donkey Eggs

Chapter 21: The Hatred of Disfigurement is Unparalleled

Chapter 22: The fate of showing off as a hero is turning into ice flakes

Chapter 23: Men's promises are unreliable.

Chapter 24: After-dinner stroll is a good time to open up and share our feelings with each other.

Chapter 25: Saving the World

Chapter 26: If Your Enemy Secretly Admires Your Father for Years

Chapter 27: At the Critical Moment, No Room for Romance

Chapter 28: The Martial Arts Tournament is where the old immortals watch little brats play monkey games.

Chapter 29: Every Master Has Some Gossip-worthy Past事件

Chapter 30: Once there was a man who carried a black pot on his back and wore a green hat.

Chapter 31: The Bass Has Two Red Ears

Chapter 32: Terrorists Are All the Same

Chapter 33: The Gift of the Protagonist Maybe the Crow's Mouth

Chapter 34: If you want to play with my life, I will play with your life.

Chapter 35: Think of your buddies when you're half dead.

Chapter 36: Godly Doctor, Always Arrogant

Chapter 37: The Sect Leader is a Fox Spirit

Chapter 38: Girl Saves the World

Chapter 39: The Unreliable Side Story of Conventionality