Chapter 1: Leaving the Country

Chapter 2: Going Abroad

Chapter 3: Mistaken for a Beggar

Chapter 4: The Troublesome Foreigner

Chapter 5: The Persistent Foreigner

Chapter 6: The Persistent Foreigner

Chapter 7: Recognizing My Younger Sister

Chapter 8: Picking Up a Good Brother

Chapter 9: Return Home

Chapter 10: Journalist

Chapter 11: Under Siege

Chapter 12: Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 13: The Street Rally

Chapter 14: Missing the Days Abroad

Chapter 15: Wanderlust Again

Chapter 16: Caught Sneaking

Chapter 17: Forced to Jump Off the Plane

Chapter 18: President of Du Corporation

Chapter 19: A Woman Falls from the Sky

Chapter 20: First Encounter

Chapter 21: Asking for Directions

Chapter 22: Taken Back to His Home for No Reason

Chapter 23: Becoming Good Friends with Du Tianxian

Chapter 24: The Du Family's Feast

Chapter 25: Singing with Xianxian

Chapter 26: Playing by the Sea

Chapter 27: Encounter with Hooligans

Chapter 28: Suddenly Encountering Hooligans

Chapter 29: Facing the Blade

Chapter 30: Hurting

Chapter 31: Getting Sick

Chapter 32: Three People Playing in the Ward

Chapter 33: Meeting the Love Rival at the Hospital

Chapter 34: Showing off in front of a love rival

Chapter 35: Taken Away by Tianhao

Chapter 36: Footprints in the Snow

Chapter 37: Jealousy

Chapter 38: Beauty is Not a Hero

Chapter 39: Tianhao's Visit

Chapter 40: True Love

Chapter 41: Entertaining Customers

Chapter 42: Meeting of Old Friends

Chapter 43: Attending the Banquet

Chapter 44: Tianhao is Shaw Mei Ling's male companion.

Chapter 45: Love Rival Meeting with Extra Red Eyes

Chapter 46: Got Slapped

Chapter 47: Discussing the Proposal Plan

Chapter 48: Parting with Charlie

Chapter 49: Misunderstanding

Chapter 50: Leaving in Anger

Chapter 51: Yi Yi has gone missing

Chapter 52: Kidnapped

Chapter 53: Fang Yue is the cousin of Shao Meiling.

Chapter 54: Angering Shao Meiling

Chapter 55: Sha Meiling Goes Mad

Chapter 56: Hero Saves Beauty

Chapter 57: Being Shot in the Sky

Chapter 58: Nightmare

Chapter 59: Tianhao on the sickbed

Chapter 60: Deep Commitment

Chapter 61: Love Even in Death

Chapter 62: Tianhao is being fooled

Chapter 63: The Story of Yiyi

Chapter 64: The Story of YiYi

Chapter 65: The Story of Yiyi

Chapter 66: The Story of Yiyi

Chapter 67: The Story of Yiyi

Chapter 68: The Story of Yi-yi

Chapter 69: Appointment约定'

Chapter 70: Looking Back at the Past

Chapter 71: Scared

Chapter 72: Compromise

Chapter 73: Blind Date Plan

Chapter 74: Scaring Off Blind Date Candidates

Chapter 75: Fish Mom's Wishful Abacus

Chapter 76: Hide and Seek

Chapter 77: Treat for Hot Pot

Chapter 78: Xian Xian is Coming

Chapter 79: In Love with the Spring Lily

Chapter 80: First Encounter with Rabbit-shaped Man

Chapter 81: Finally Met Tianhao

Chapter 82: Formal Encounter

Chapter 83: Women Shouldn't Let Go

Chapter 84: The Covenant Between Men

Chapter 85: Fishing Memoirs

Chapter 86: Papaya Romance

Chapter 87: A Day Trip to the Desolate Mountains

Chapter 88: Running Horse Controversy

Chapter 89: The Horse Walking Incident

Chapter 90: Strolling Horse Controversy

Chapter 91: The Mishap of Scaling the Wall

Chapter 92: Night Strolling on the Field Path

Chapter 93: Night Stroll by the River

Chapter 94: Love Story Under the Moonlight

Chapter 95: The Splendid Wedding Scene That Makes People Envious

Chapter 96: Thrilling Wedding Prelude

Chapter 97: Thrilling Prelude to the Wedding

Chapter 98: The Wedding Ceremony Ending

Chapter 99: The Story of Du Tiandi and Fang Yue

Chapter 100: Brother Du Tian and Sister Fang Yue

Chapter 101: Brother Du Tian and Sister Fang Yue

Chapter 102: Brother Du Tian and Sister Fang Yue

Chapter 103: Brother Du Tian and Sister Fang Yue

Chapter 104: Brother Du Tian and Sister Fangyue

Chapter 105: Du Tianxian and Charlie

Chapter 106: Du Tianqian and Charlie

Chapter 107: Du Tianxian and Charlie

Chapter 108: Shen Gang and Fu Ping

Chapter 109: Shen Gang and Fu Ping

Chapter 110: Shen Gang and Fu Ping

Chapter 111: Shen Gang and Fu Ping

Chapter 112: Shen Gang and Fu Ping

Chapter 113: Shen Gang and Fu Ping