Chapter 1: Interview Assignment

Chapter 2: Rushing Ducks onto the Shelves

Chapter 3: Bar

Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Restless

Chapter 6: The Mysterious Man One

Chapter 7: Mysterious Man II

Chapter 8: Take You to the Stage

Chapter 9: The Consequences of Getting Drunk

Chapter 10: Owing Huge Debts

Chapter 11: Lost in Confusion

Chapter 12: Acid Bitterness

Chapter 13: Revisiting

Chapter 14: True or False

Chapter 15: Go Home

Chapter 16: Unexpected Phone Call

Chapter 17: Dinner

Chapter 18: Goodbye

Chapter 19: Birds of a Feather

Chapter 20: Who is he after all

Chapter 21: Yan Group

Chapter 22: He is also in the Yan's.

Chapter 23: Forced Kiss

Chapter 24: Punishment for You

Chapter 25: Reception of the Wind

Chapter 26: Jiang Zifeng

Chapter 27: Both Brother and Friend

Chapter 28: A New Task

Chapter 29: He Knows Everything

Chapter 30: President Yan's Dictatorship

Chapter 31: It Was Him

Chapter 32: Interview Appointment

Chapter 33: Mock Interview One

Chapter 34: Playful Interview 2

Chapter 35: The Troubles of Morran

Chapter 36: Facing

Chapter 37: Love Begotten

Chapter 38: Request for Love II

Chapter 39: Probe for Information

Chapter 40: Negotiation One

Chapter 41: Negotiation Two

Chapter 42: Beautiful Packaging

Chapter 43: You Are Truly Beautiful

Chapter 44: Yan's Celebration Banquet I

Chapter 45: The Grand Celebration Banquet of the Yan Clan II

Chapter 46: The Third Yan Family Celebration Banquet

Chapter 47: The Yan Family's Celebration Banquet Part Four

Chapter 48: The Grand Banquet of the Yan Family V

Chapter 49: The Fifth Yan's Celebration Banquet

Chapter 50: Yanshi Celebration Banquet VI

Chapter 51: Yanshi Celebration Dinner Seven

Chapter 52: The Visit of Xu Zhengyu

Chapter 53: Visit from Xu Zhengyu II

Chapter 54: Pleasant Collaboration

Chapter 55: Happy Collaboration

Chapter 56: The Opening of a Magazine Publication

Chapter 57: The Magazine Company II

Chapter 58

Chapter 59: Wonderful Interpretation

Chapter 60: Encounter by Chance

Chapter 61: Chance Encounter Two

Chapter 62: The Reminder of Prayer

Chapter 63: Private Club Invitation

Chapter 64: Mockery

Chapter 65: Love Hard to Contain

Chapter 66: Love Beyond Control II

Chapter 67: Emotions Beyond Control Three

Chapter 68: Love Hard to Restrain IV

Chapter 69: Hard to Restrain Love Five

Chapter 70: Accident

Chapter 71: Invitation

Chapter 72: We Cannot Afford Each Other

Chapter 73: Heartache

Chapter 74: I Really Care About You

Chapter 75: Stay with me

Chapter 76: Careful Nursing

Chapter 77: The World of Two

Chapter 78: Reasonable Reasonable

Chapter 79: The Taste of Regret

Chapter 80: Feeling Irritated

Chapter 81: Caught in the Middle

Chapter 82: Everyone carries their own concerns

Chapter 83: The Strangled Confession

Chapter 84: Unexpected Encounter

Chapter 85: The Hidden Jealousy

Chapter 86: Heartache

Chapter 87: Missing You

Chapter 88: The Narrow Road of Enemies

Chapter 89: Whose Home the Flowers Fall

Chapter 90: Slightly Gaining the Upper Hand

Chapter 91: I Really Like You

Chapter 92: Flames of Jealousy

Chapter 93: Intense Conflict

Chapter 94: I Miss You So Much

Chapter 95: Long-awaited Sweetness

Chapter 96: Revealing the Heart

Chapter 97: Blessings

Chapter 98: You're Responsible

Chapter 99: An Unexpected Discovery

Chapter 100: Intention

Chapter 101: Alternative Happiness

Chapter 102: Destined Pain

Chapter 103: Late Night Waiting

Chapter 104: Who is she

Chapter 105: Despicable Tricks

Chapter 106: Teaching by Example

Chapter 107: Heart in Turmoil

Chapter 108: Passion on the Verge of Losing Control

Chapter 109: Extremely Unexpected Embarrassment

Chapter 110: The Joy After Embarrassment

Chapter 111: Compromise in Helplessness

Chapter 112: As She Wished

Chapter 113: Sacrifice for the Sake of Complaints

Chapter 114: Perfect Plan

Chapter 115: Fly to the Sky

Chapter 116: Beautiful

Chapter 117: A Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Chapter 118: Belong to Your Fireworks

Chapter 119: Beautiful

Chapter 120: Taken by Surprise

Chapter 121: Shy Embarrassment

Chapter 122: The Impulse of Concealment

Chapter 123: Soaking in Hot Springs

Chapter 124: The Liberation of Love

Chapter 125: Released Love Two

Chapter 126: Having You by My Side

Chapter 127: Flirting and Bantering

Chapter 128: Shock

Chapter 129: Cruel

Chapter 130: Shocked and Pale

Chapter 131: Stirring up Ripples

Chapter 132: Planting Seeds of Trouble

Chapter 133: Eternal Position

Chapter 134: Create Surprises

Chapter 135: You Are My Angel

Chapter 136: The Unbreakable Curse

Chapter 137: A Shocking Encounter

Chapter 138: Birthday Celebration

Chapter 139: The Cycle of Fate

Chapter 140: Upsetting the Vinegar Jar

Chapter 141: Birthday Gift

Chapter 142: Tender Affection and Sweetness

Chapter 143: Sweet Morning

Chapter 144: Mysterious Encounter

Chapter 145: Vague Anxiety

Chapter 146: He's deceiving me

Chapter 147: Mysterious Reminders

Chapter 148: Who is he

Chapter 149: Why

Chapter 150: Probe

Chapter 151: Confession

Chapter 152: To Prove One

Chapter 153: Proving the Second

Chapter 154: Unbelievable

Chapter 155: Warmth and Bitterness

Chapter 156: Heartfelt Consideration

Chapter 157: An Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 158: As If in Another World

Chapter 159: Uninvited Guest One

Chapter 160: Uninvited Guest II

Chapter 161: Give me a reason

Chapter 162: Past Events of the Year

Chapter 163: The Bitter Decision

Chapter 164: Don't Leave Me

Chapter 165: The Sweet Ending

Chapter 166: The Sweetest Second of the End

Chapter 167: Farewell

Chapter 168: Eternal Blessings

Chapter 169: Tales of the Arabian Nights

Chapter 170: Leaving

Chapter 171: Heart-wrenching

Chapter 172: Striking Back

Chapter 173: Drum in the dark

Chapter 174: Support

Chapter 175: Miss Her So Much

Chapter 176: True Ownership

Chapter 177: Indulgence

Chapter 178: A Heart in Pain

Chapter 179: Go with the flow

Chapter 180: Cannot Believe

Chapter 181: Lost in Sorrow

Chapter 182: See through the heart's secrets

Chapter 183: Heartache

Chapter 184: Thoughtful

Chapter 185: Turning Point

Chapter 186: The Secret Between Us

Chapter 187: Shocking Blood Scene

Chapter 188: Goodbye Once More

Chapter 189: Goodbye, Two

Chapter 190: Achieving the Goal

Chapter 191: Flames of Jealousy

Chapter 192: Sorry for being a little late with the updates, please go back and check the ones you haven't read yet.

Chapter 193: He Hates Me

Chapter 194: A Chance

Chapter 195: Sensual Scenes

Chapter 196: No Interest

Chapter 197: Pregnancy

Chapter 198: Joy

Chapter 199: The Proposal

Chapter 200: Willing Heart

Chapter 201: Persuasion

Chapter 202: Support

Chapter 203: Must Be Happy

Chapter 204: Wedding

Chapter 205: Coming Uninvited

Chapter 206: Silent Tears

Chapter 207: The First Night of Marriage

Chapter 208: The Second Night of Marriage

Chapter 209: Questioning

Chapter 210: Beautiful Woman

Chapter 211: Lin Qilian

Chapter 212: Five Years of Past Events

Chapter 213: Sweetheart

Chapter 214: Indulgence

Chapter 215: Return to Homeland

Chapter 216: Excitement

Chapter 217: Illusion

Chapter 218: Mysterious Investor

Chapter 219: The Boss Behind the Scenes One

Chapter 220: The Puppet Master II

Chapter 221: Awkward Negotiation

Chapter 222: Little Trickster

Chapter 223: A Happy Family of Three

Chapter 224: Are you happy?

Chapter 225: A Farewell

Chapter 226: Father and Son Reunion

Chapter 227: Father and Son Contest

Chapter 228: It's Really Her

Chapter 229: The Relationship of Different Generations

Chapter 230: Killing Power

Chapter 231: The Treasure in the Palm of Your Hand

Chapter 232: Generation Gap

Chapter 233: Astonishing Vision

Chapter 234: Common Interest

Chapter 235: Father and Son Love Ran Deep

Chapter 236: Small Tricks

Chapter 237: Selfish Desire

Chapter 238: Mom Loves Him

Chapter 239: Happy Coexistence

Chapter 240: Having Dinner Together

Chapter 241: Admiration or Jealousy

Chapter 242: Longing for your presence

Chapter 243: So Thoughtful

Chapter 244: The Feeling of Guilt

Chapter 245: Private Assistant

Chapter 246: Destined Encounter

Chapter 247: Mental Challenge

Chapter 248: Choosing Trust

Chapter 249: Regret

Chapter 250: The Xu Family's Birthday Banquet One

Chapter 251: The Xu Family's Birthday Banquet II

Chapter 252: Overturn

Chapter 253: Unforgettable Old Love

Chapter 254: Incredible Discovery

Chapter 255: Blockade

Chapter 256: Forgiveness

Chapter 257: Spraying Blood in the Mouth

Chapter 258: As in the Past

Chapter 259: The Chance That Awaited

Chapter 260: Sudden Apologies

Chapter 261: Lost and Heartbroken

Chapter 262: Stay Tonight

Chapter 263: The Suppressed Impulse of Five Years

Chapter 264: By Your Side

Chapter 265: Another Meeting

Chapter 266: Facing Each Other Alone

Chapter 267: Embracing Again

Chapter 268: Stealing My Love

Chapter 269: Drunk

Chapter 270: Being A Substitute

Chapter 271: Erosion of Bone and Tender Feelings

Chapter 272: Emotions Off Track

Chapter 273: Strategies

Chapter 274: Pressure Applied

Chapter 275: A Special Dinner

Chapter 276: I give you

Chapter 277: The Kiss That Couldn't Be Resisted

Chapter 278: Keen Eyes

Chapter 279: Encounter

Chapter 280: Tears of Injustice

Chapter 281: A Conspiracy

Chapter 282: Evidence

Chapter 283: Proof

Chapter 284: Investigation

Chapter 285: A Bad Premonition

Chapter 286: Threaten

Chapter 287: Confusion from Eavesdropping

Chapter 288: Engagement

Chapter 289: Urgent Call

Chapter 290: No Smoke Without Fire

Chapter 291: Parent-Child Identification

Chapter 292: The Origin of Mo Ran

Chapter 293: The Story of Mother One

Chapter 294: The Story of Mother Part Two

Chapter 295: Mother's Story Three

Chapter 296: Mother's Story Four

Chapter 297: No Fate in This Life

Chapter 298: Mother and Son Cherish Each Other

Chapter 299: A Startling Phone Call

Chapter 300: Unexpected Mishap

Chapter 301: The Child's Father

Chapter 302: On the Verge of Death

Chapter 303: Engagement Ceremony

Chapter 304: The Turmoil at the Engagement Ceremony

Chapter 305: Close Kinship

Chapter 306: Encounter in the Hospital

Chapter 307: Blood Full of Affection

Chapter 308: Gentle Inquiry

Chapter 309: Caught in the Middle

Chapter 310: Brothers

Chapter 311: Late Fatherly Love

Chapter 312: Love Has Divine Will

Chapter 313: Confrontation

Chapter 314: Difficult Choices

Chapter 315: Between Friendship and Love

Chapter 316: Great Fulfillment

Chapter 317: Dear Father

Chapter 318: Ending Note

Chapter 319: Grand Finale

Chapter 320: Extra Love of Zhenyu

Chapter 321: The Love Story of Zhengyu: Extra II

Chapter 322: Extra Chapter Three

Chapter 323: Extra Chapter Four

Chapter 324: Extra Episode Five

Chapter 325: Extra Episode Six

Chapter 326: Extra Chapter Seven

Chapter 327: Extra Episode Eight

Chapter 328: Extra Episode Nine

Chapter 329: Extra Chapter Ten

Chapter 330: Side Story Eleven

Chapter 331: Extra Chapter Twelve

Chapter 332: Extra Episode Thirteen

Chapter 333: Extra Chapter Four

Chapter 334: Extra Chapter Fifteen

Chapter 335: Extra Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 336: Extra Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 337: Extra Chapter Eighteen

Chapter 338: Extra Chapter Nineteen

Chapter 339: Extra Chapter Twenty

Chapter 340: Extra Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter 341: Side Story Twenty-Two

Chapter 342: Extra Chapter Twenty-three

Chapter 343: Extra Chapter Twenty-Four

Chapter 344: Extra Chapter 25

Chapter 345: Extra Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter 346: Extra Chapter Twenty-Seven

Chapter 347: Extra Episode Twenty-Eight

Chapter 348: Extra Story Twenty-Nine

Chapter 349: Extra Chapter Thirty

Chapter 350: Extra Chapter Thirty-One

Chapter 351: Extra Episode Thirty-Two

Chapter 352: Extra Chapter Thirty-Three

Chapter 353: Extra Chapter Thirty-Four

Chapter 354: Extra Story Thirty-Five

Chapter 355: Extra Chapter Thirty-Six

Chapter 356: Extra Chapter Thirty-Seven

Chapter 357: Extra Chapter Thirty-Eight

Chapter 358: Extra Chapter Thirty-Nine

Chapter 359: Side Story 40

Chapter 360: Extra Chapter Forty-One

Chapter 361: Side Story Forty-Two

Chapter 362: Extra Chapter 43

Chapter 363: Extra Forty-Four

Chapter 364: Forty-Five

Chapter 365: Forty-Six

Chapter 366: Forty-Seven After Marriage Epilogue

Chapter 367: Forty-Eight After Marriage

Chapter 368: Forty-Nine After Marriage

Chapter 369: Fifty After Marriage Spin-off

Chapter 370: After Marriage Side Story Fifty-One

Chapter 371: Post-Marriage Extra Chapter Fifty-Two

Chapter 372: Post-marriage Extra 53

Chapter 373: After Marriage: Extra Chapter Fifty-Four

Chapter 374: After Marriage Extra Chapter 55

Chapter 375: After Marriage Extra Fifty-Six

Chapter 376: Post-marriage Epilogue Fifty-Seven

Chapter 377: After Marriage Extra Chapter Fifty-Eight

Chapter 378: After Marriage Extra Chapter Fifty-Nine

Chapter 379: Extracurricular After Marriage Sixty

Chapter 380: Chapter Sixty-One of Post-Marriage Extra

Chapter 381: Sixty-second Extra Chapter After Marriage

Chapter 382: Sixty-Third Extra Chapter After Marriage

Chapter 383: After Marriage Extra Chapter 64

Chapter 384: After Marriage Extra Chapter 65

Chapter 385: After Marriage: Extra Episode Sixty-Six

Chapter 386: Post-marriage Extra Chapter Sixty-Seven

Chapter 387: Extra After Marriage Sixty-Eight

Chapter 388: After Marriage Extra: Sixty-Nine

Chapter 389: After Marriage: Extra Seventy

Chapter 390: Post-marriage Extra Chapter Seventy-One

Chapter 391: Seventy-Two Post-Marital Episodes

Chapter 392: Seventy-Three After Marriage Spin-off

Chapter 393: After Marriage: Extra Chapter Seventy-Four

Chapter 394: After Marriage Extra Chapter Seventy-Five

Chapter 395: After Marriage Extraordinary Episode Seventy-Six

Chapter 396: Seventy-Seven After Marriage Epilogue

Chapter 397: After Marriage Extra Seventy-Eight

Chapter 398: After Marriage Extra Story Seventy-Nine

Chapter 399: After Marriage: Extra Chapter Eighty

Chapter 400: After Marriage Extra Chapter 81

Chapter 401: Post-Marriage Extra 82

Chapter 402: After Marriage Extra 83

Chapter 403: After Marriage Extra Eighty-Four

Chapter 404: Post-marriage Extra Chapter Eighty-Five

Chapter 405: After Marriage: Extra Chapter Eighty-Six

Chapter 406: After Marriage Extra Chapter 87