The Impure Gentleman

The Impure Gentleman


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The Story of the Rich Girl and the Rogue Sharpening the Knife

1. Xu Yuanhang was poor and unruly, like the unrestrained wind on the wilderness. Chi Yunfan was a refined lady produced by the upper class, and the two had always kept their distance. One day, Chi Yunfan stumbled upon the arrogant Xu Yuanhang being beaten up in an alley. She didn't want to get involved and was about to leave when she calmly said, "I'm just passing by. Carry on with your business." With a resolute and decisive manner, she turned and walked away.

A few days later, Chi Yunfan was cornered by a group of rich girls in the same alley. Xu Yuanhang intended to wait and enjoy the show before coming to the rescue, but before he could do anything, Chi Yunfan swiftly took down the girls with a few moves, displaying a clean and efficient technique. Xu Yuanhang clicked his tongue and remarked, "I didn't expect you to be so bold, my friend."

2. In the eyes of all their classmates, the wealthy heiress Chi Yunfan was gentle, delicate, and kind, but Xu Yuanhang inadvertently discovered one after another of her refined image crumbling down. He repeatedly provoked her simply because "he couldn't stand her hypocrisy." "Is that so?" Chi Yunfan responded indifferently, "Well, it's funny because I find you quite likeable." The usually carefree Xu Yuanhang was stunned and even blushed for the first time in his life: Damn, did this girl just flirt with me??

This rebellious work during the writer's rebellious period is a flight of self-expression—all background characters and plotlines are entirely fictional ramblings, so please do not take it seriously.