CEO, I was wrong

CEO, I was wrong


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Two years ago, she inexplicably transformed from a well-behaved and lovely girl into a woman who was foul-mouthed and extremely vulgar.

Her brother, on the other hand, took the opportunity to hand her over to that icy-cold and dangerously lewd wolf from the Yin Corporation for re-education!


Chapter 1: Embarrassing Situation

Chapter 2: Embarrassing Situation

Chapter 3: Mr. Yin

Chapter 4: Strange Agreement

Chapter 5: Training the Lady

Chapter 6: Encounter with a Pervert

Chapter 7: Saved by Him

Chapter 8: The Villa on Hill Palace

Chapter 9: No Swearing

Chapter 10: Sandhog Man

Chapter 11: Ladies and Gentlemen

Chapter 12: Her Secret

Chapter 13: A Little Bit Good

Chapter 14: Western Restaurant

Chapter 15: Holding a fork in the left hand and a knife in the right.

Chapter 16: This Grudge Shall Not Be Avenged Unless She Is Beautiful

Chapter 17: This Grudge Shall Not Be Avenged Unless She's Beautiful

Chapter 18: Shouldn't Have Accompanied Her

Chapter 19: Supermarket

Chapter 20: Creating Scandals

Chapter 21: Creating Scandals

Chapter 22: Fearless

Chapter 23: How to Punish

Chapter 24: He Wants to Kiss Me

Chapter 25: Her Revenge

Chapter 26: Her Retaliation

Chapter 27: Thunderstorm Night

Chapter 28: Entered His Room

Chapter 29: Difficult Woman

Chapter 30: Kind Care

Chapter 31: Succeeded

Chapter 32: She Forgave Him

Chapter 33: Prelude to the Storm

Chapter 34: Prelude to the Storm

Chapter 35: Prelude to the Storm

Chapter 36: Purpose

Chapter 37: People from Two Worlds

Chapter 38: Conspiracy

Chapter 39: Conspiracy

Chapter 40: An Evening Banquet Hosted by the Yin Family

Chapter 41: The Yin Family's Banquet

Chapter 42: The Bomb in the Evening Gown

Chapter 43: Outstanding Kiss

Chapter 44: Bullying Her

Chapter 45: A Sense of Foreboding

Chapter 46: Selena's Return

Chapter 47: Belonging of the Room

Chapter 48: Selina's Conspiracy

Chapter 49: Misunderstanding

Chapter 50: The Truth Revealed

Chapter 51: The Ending